A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

There's not much in the way of gameplay that I was able to complete. You can explore an infinite procedurally generated world and fight some rats, goblins & bunnies! For this project, I took a lot of base code from a tutorial on how to write roguelikes in Racket (found here) and created my own rendering engine and heavily modified the map generation.

Install instructions

In order to run the game, extract the zip file, then go to Bin and run the main executable to launch. 

If you have Racket installed, you can download the source code from https://github.com/Larkenx/LispGameJame2018, and run the main.rkt file under source. However, you will need a few libraries installed via raco. I will supply more information on that at a later date.


linux.tgz 9 MB
windows.zip 14 MB
osx.dmg 14 MB

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